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Super Hero Workouts

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"★★★ DOWNLOAD THIS EASY APP FOR FREE ★★★With superhero films and comic-book adaptations all the rage in Cinema, there are more chiseled and jacked actors taking to the screen than you can count on two hands. Want to get yourself in just as good of shape as some of those heroic actors? We have the workout for you.Follow this plan and you can bulk up like your favourite super hero, who put himself through some rigorous training and fitness to play his role.Here’s the superhero workout plan :Chest and Shoulders Like The HulkChest: Gymnastics FlyesShoulders: Hang Clean and PressForearms Like WolverinePlate-Pinch CurlReverse Thick-Bar CurlHammer Curl with TwistSpeed Like The FlashAgility Like Spider-ManThis programm includes : * Batman workout * 300 workout * Iron man workout * Matrix workout * Rocky Workout * Spiderman workout * Super Saiyan workout * Terminator workout * Thor Workout * Wolverine workout We hope you like it!!FEATURES OF THIS APP:★ Easy to use (one click app)★ User friendly interface★ Offline version (no internet connection required▶ ▶ ▶ We are open for any suggestion Please rate us with 5 Stars, Thank you ◀ ◀ ◀"